What’s new in the Core Book of FAITH?

What’s new in the Core Book of FAITH?

The Core Book of FAITH comes in the wake of two successful Kickstarters: the Core Set and the Starter Set. So the question is, what is the Core Book and how does it build upon the existing products in the FAITH line?

The short answer is that the Core Book expands on the groundwork of the original Core Set. In the mechanics department, it takes advantage of two years worth of feedback and playtesting. Character creation options have been enhanced and the new vehicle piloting and combat rules make for thrilling action. More importantly, the setting has been overhauled, with more than 200 new pages of lore in which to discover the planets, cities and of the Corvo and the Iz’kal, to meet awesome people along the vast expanses of Universe linked by the labyrinth, or just enjoy one of the many adventures crystalized in the shape of story seeds.

That’s the short answer, and here’s the long, detailed one:

Whats new?

New mechanics:

  • Spaceships: This has been by far one of the most popular requests, and one with which we are more than happy to oblige. The rule book will include everything you need to create, customize and pilot your own spaceship, including travel and combat mechanics that are both simple and engaging. We have put extra effort to make sure that even if there are landlubbers in the crew, they will be of some assistance to the rest of the team when things go sour in the depths of the labyrinth.
  • Talents: Every skill has been given a list of talents, which are abilities that represent your specialization in a specific area of said skill. This will allow further character customization as well as unlocking a whole new world of opportunities for players.
  • Subspecies: As the lore and background of the different species has expanded, so has the list of options available when choosing your character.  Now, every species has a list of subspecies, each with some unique abilities and characteristics.
  • Increased Faith limit: It was only fitting that given the name of the game, the faith attribute played a more central role in the story and the system. We have increased the attribute limit to 5, and have added new, overwhelming powers, which will be available to those players that prove worthy of their god’s favours.
  • Miniature rules: We have decided to include optional rules for those players who wish to take our stunning new miniatures to the battlefield.

Revisited mechanics:

We have taken this opportunity to streamline some of the more confusing and time consuming mechanics, in an attempt to make the game even more enjoyable. The list of changes includes how initiative is determined, the effect of advantages and disadvantages and the way the jokers work, just to list some. We will provide a more detailed list explaining every change and the reasoning behind it once the new rules have been fully tested.

Expanded setting:

The Core Book further explores and develops the rich universe of the game; it will expand the setting in every single aspect.

The Gods: We have made the Gods more prominent in the setting by providing some insights into their origins and nature, as well as exploring the role they have played in the development and current state of the known universe and its inhabitants.

The species: The new book will allow players to learn more about the different species’ anatomy, physiology, society, culture, economy, politics and every other aspect of their unique civilizations, including a journey through their history.

Planets and outposts:  Players will be able to visit some of the most relevant locations in the game, from the capital city of the Iz’kal, Al’Ameen, to the desolated plains of earth, and to meet some of the most important and powerful characters in the universe. Additionally, many of these characters may request some sort of help from the players, either securing the support of an ally or getting rid of a troublesome opponent who might, if questioned, have a better deal to offer.

The coalition: Players will have a chance to learn more about the intergalactic coalition, their vicious war against the Ravager and the secrets and tensions that boil within, threatening to shatter the fragile shield that protects civilization from certain annihilation.

New cards:

Along with the Core Book, we will release two completely new decks of cards, one for NPCs and another one for gear, that are sure to pose new challenges to the players, while providing them with new and powerful weapons and tools to aid them.

And of course, miniatures! Hope you like what we have in store 🙂