A New Fan-Made Species for FAITH: The Periak Ascendancy

Burning Prophet GhostKill221 has gone the extra mile and has created a brand new playable species for FAITH, including their history, reigning families, special abilities and more. This is an extremely accomplished work that we want you to check out and use in your adventures.

Here’s an excerpt from the lore he has created for the Periak:

“The Perian word for disgrace is Kir’matau, the Perian word for dishonorable death or suicide is Keer’matau, the homonyms aren’t a coincidence. A Perian won’t ask for clarification, to them the only difference is clerical” Xantsu, corvo language expert

“People are equivalent but a person is exceptional” Perian saying

A New Player Joins the Game: The Addition of the Ascendancy

Newly discovered gives the wrong understanding of the ascendancy, newly included is a better term. The Ascendancy appears only slightly behind the corvo and iz’kal in terms of technology, but they seem to have a very good understanding of all the races in the rest of the galaxy.

Labyrinth pilots had been reporting a “new” section of the labyrinths winding wormholes for a few months, but many had just attributed it to excuses for late shipments… until a full armada emerged into the corvosphere.

Apparently opening their section of the wormhole in a similar method to the corvo, the Periak ascendancy has aggressively opened trade relations with both the state and the corvosphere.

Read the rest of the lore here.

Thanks Ghostkill!

(copyright notice: the illustration that headlines this post is not ours and it does not represent one of the playable species in Faith.)