Faith: A Garden in Hell Starter Campaign

FAITH: A Garden in Hell – A full RPG campaign in an Uncharted Planet

Join the Coalition and fight the Ravager with this starter set that includes everything you need to play in the FAITH system.

FAITH: A Garden in Hell


  • 76-page campaign
  • 36-page rulebook
  • 4 character folios
  • 54 gear and NPC cards
  • 1 player deck
  • 4 large boss cards
  • Campaign outline for the GM


Playable right out of the box

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is a tabletop sci-fi RPG that contains everything you need to play a game right out of the box, including a quick walkthrough of the basic rules at the beginning of the story, pregenerated characters, a more detailed rulebook you can start using once you get a grasp of the basics.

Perfect for beginners

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is the best introductory point for new players. It provides the full FAITH experience in a compact and unexpensive box with everything you need to get started.

Great for veterans

With lots of new gear and NPCs, A Garden in Hell also provides a lot of insight into the Ravager, advancing the lore of the game and providing you with the opportunity to affect it with the results of your own campaign.


A wondrous adventure; an amazing planet; an inside-look into the RAVAGER.

The Campaign

Faith: A Garden in Hell is a campaign for 3-5 players and 7-10 sessions. Everything needed to play the game is included in the box. 

Background. The fragile truce between the Iz’kal and the Corvo had been compromised by a series of murderous attacks on far away settlements. Mutually Assured Destruction was days away as both species laid blame on each other… when the Battle of Izuan Tai shook the groundwork of the known Universe. It was the first big blow the legendary species of the Ravager would deliver to civilisation, but it wouldn’t be the last. A new menace had awoken from a long sleep. 

A Garden in Hell takes place 23 years after the Battle of Izuan Tai, where the rival Iz’Kal and Corvo species joined forces to stop the mutual threat and formed The Coalition. This entity has now become a “third state” independent of both the Iz’Kal and the Corvo, with emergency powers over all areas threatened by the Ravager. 

On its last military council, the Coalition high command agreed it was time to leave their defensive stand and strike back in full force to capture a Ravager Queen. At first, the attack was a thundering success, but when the injured Ravager Queen entered the Labyrinth only your group was able to chase her unscathed deep into Ravager territory…

The Mechanics

Faith’s mechanics revolve around the use of a playing deck (a custom poker deck) to solve actions and confrontations. Each player, including the GM, will draw up to 7 cards (8 if your character is human) from which you’ll be able to select your preferred action value.

This, combined with a Skill-Attribute system that dictates what your base value is and how many cards you can play to increase that value, create the core of a system that allows for luck management gameplay to arise: you’ll be able to choose the moments where you want to shine and the ones when you’d rather hold back. YOU WILL CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.

Faith: A Garden in Hell features a one deck solution in which every player, including the GM, will draw cards from the same deck, making this campaign fully playable right of of the box.

The rulebook has been extensively revamped to improve the clarity of the system. Based on user feedback, we’ve streamlined the concepts and placed them in a more serviceable order so that the GM will be able to quickly get grips with the action.


Gaming Trend

“A Garden in Hell breaks new ground in RPG campaigns while it gives new players a perfect jumping off point into the Faith universe. I urge you to assemble Team Inferi and brave the jungles of Ujara so that you can experience this science fiction mystery all your own”.

“The campaign itself is more of a mega-adventure, which keeps your characters in the overgrown jungles of Ujara, where they and their ship have crash landed.”

“The art of A Garden in Hell, like everything about Faith, is the absolute pinnacle of quality in RPGs. There are a scant few that might rival it, but none that can top it. As you gaze on Ujara you can feel the heat of its oppressive jungle and hear the chirping of alien insects that hunger for your unprotected hides.”

“A bold franchise that is sure to stake its claim on the market for years to come.”


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Everything you need to play!

The Campaign Book

The campaign book is a 69 page-long adventure intended for a group of 3-4 characters and their GM.

NPC and Gear deck

The NPC and Gear deck provides new and exciting equipment and foes that you will encounter in your journey.

Player Deck

The elegant one deck solution will allow everyone to manage their luck and improve their chances of epic successes.

Character folios

The 4 pregenerated characters will help you get started right away.

Large Boss Cards

Four huge enemies that you will have to face during the campaign. Who are them? What do they want? How can you beat them? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

GM’s Guide

Keep track of the campaign in a straightforward way. Don’t miss a beat!

V1.5 Rulebook

The revised version of the rules. Faster to learn and teach, streamlined and easier to grasp.

Playable out of the box

Everything you need to get a game going is included. You will be able to get started within minutes!

Move around A Garden in Hell in 3D

How does A Garden in Hell look like once it’s placed on the table? Check out this interactive 3D model and see for yourself.

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