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Type of game: RPG | Genre: Historical Fantasy | Launch: Starter Boxset Fall 2017 Kicktarter

The Age of Discovery

Dragons Conquer America is a game of historical fantasy based on the European invasion of America in the 16th century.

The game setting, while based on historical fact, is rife with fantastic elements, including powerful magic, mystic forces, and mythical creatures such as fairies and dragons. The story is mostly fictional, but accurately introduces events that took place during the Mesoamerican War of Conquest, as well as the historical nations and characters at their centre. This of course includes the daring campaigns of Captain Hernán Cortés, and the great domain we know today as the Aztec Empire.

MAGIC: Magic is real in this world, and the history we know, while mostly unchanged, has been subtly influenced or altered by sorcerous forces. Thus today’s world is shaped by the historical presence of wizards and spirits, which have walked hand-in-hand with humanity, sometimes more noticeably and sometimes from the shadows – but always there.

RELIGION: Magic is inextricably linked to faith; what one believes in determines one’s access to the Spirit World. Thus worshippers of fire entities have access to fire magic, and war priests know prayers to inspire armies. All religions agree that there is a single divine force above the world. Even miscreants and heretics acknowledge this force exists, although they assume it’s just a combination of knowable natural forces.

DRAGONS: Dragons have been a part of the catholic world for more than a thousand years, ever since Saint George tamed and converted the legendary Wyrm of Silene in the third century AD. From that moment, the European dragons that would otherwise have been massacred by human knights and soldiers became instead a valuable resource of human armies.

20 years ago, Christopher Columbus found such a land – a whole New World. This land is, of course, inhabited. And Here, too, Be Dragons.


It is the year 1519 of the Christian Era, and Ce Acatl (1 Reed) of the Mexica Calendar Cycle. It’s a time of great changes and portents, marking the prophesied return of the Lords of Tollan to the Valley of Anahuac.

Columbus died years ago, forgotten after making his famous discovery of the West Indies – or the New World, as most people call this unexplored land now, since they learned it isn’t another side of Asia as previously thought, but a whole new continent.

As European governments decide what to do with the discovery and its potential riches, their first settlers, armed with transoceanic ships, guns – and dragons – have ruled over the New World’s easternmost islands for almost thirty years now.

However, the invaders have not yet discovered what lies beyond their island domains. The Hispaniola outposts, long established as the beachhead of European power in the New World, have already determined there is a larger continent to the West, and sailed its coasts – but so far no major mainland expedition has managed to overcome their warlike tribes and treacherous terrain.

Beyond these unwelcoming coasts, still unknown, lies the Valley of Anahuac, home to the Excan Tlahtoloyan – the Triple Alliance of the Aztec peoples. It is one of the oldest and best organised empires the world has ever known, encompassing hundreds of city-states, all of which pay tribute to the mightiest civilization in the planet: the Mexica of Tenochtitlan. For nearly a hundred years, the Mexica have ruled over the land of the Fifth Sun unchallenged, striking fear in the hearts of their enemies thanks to the divine power of their priests and the help of their mixcoatl dragon allies, which terrorise and astonish the peoples under Mexica domain.

This is all about to change.

A single man – a rebellious, haughty gentleman of fortune, persecuted by the law, estranged from the Crown of Spain and followed by a ragtag band of sellswords and adventurers – is poised to start the most significant war of conquest the world has ever known.

His name is Hernán Cortés; he only wanted his share of fame and glory – but he and his dragon riders are about to change history.



The Dragons Conquer America line of games will begin this fall on Kickstarter with a double starter boxset featuring two full blown campaigns. This pack will allow you to play from both European and Native viewpoints, placing you in both sides of this complex encounter of civilizations. We will unveil more information in the months to come; subscribe to our mailing list to be on the loop.

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