FAITH: A Garden in Hell earns 3 Golden Geek Nominations

FAITH: A Garden in Hell earns 3 Golden Geek Nominations

Thanks to your help, FAITH: A Garden in Hell has been nominated for 3 Golden Geek Awards, including the coveted BEST GAME and BEST ARTWORK nods. This is a huge accolade for us, a milestone that helps us continue creating the best possible games we can make.

AllEnvironments of UjaraNPCs

tentacle jungle-final


Ravager queen-final





faith-crachsite-final b

butterfly city-final












EN_FRONT_Lurching horror (3)









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March 21st: the Kickstarter for the Core Book of FAITH

March 21st: the Kickstarter for the Core Book of FAITH

The Kickstarter to fund a Core Book for our FAITH setting will launch this coming March 21st. It will be a Kickstarter full of new and exciting additions to this roleplaying Universe.

Core Book

The new Core Book will be a hardbound 300+ compendium of the lore of FAITH. It will dramatically expand over the original setting, entering the worlds and minds of the species that inhabit this universe in great depth. Additionally, the rules of the game will be updated to include new character customization options, rules for play with miniatures and vehicle mechanics.

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A New Fan-Made Species for FAITH: The Periak Ascendancy

A New Fan-Made Species for FAITH: The Periak Ascendancy

Burning Prophet GhostKill221 has gone the extra mile and has created a brand new playable species for FAITH, including their history, reigning families, special abilities and more. This is an extremely accomplished work that we want you to check out and use in your adventures.

Here’s an excerpt from the lore he has created for the Periak:

“The Perian word for disgrace is Kir’matau, the Perian word for dishonorable death or suicide is Keer’matau, the homonyms aren’t a coincidence. A Perian won’t ask for clarification, to them the only difference is clerical” Xantsu, corvo language expert

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Q&A 2: Fan Questions

Q&A 2: Fan Questions

Let’s answer some fan-questions. The topic is “what do you want to see in the new core book?

[QUESTIONS BY Rui Ramalho]
How advanced is Korian/Raag technology?

The Raag are in an almost constant state of civil war between factions, and obviously part of the weaponry and other technology used for military purposes breaks down and has to be substituted with Corvo or Iz’kal made technology, which is more advanced than the Korian.

As you know, Raag technology descends from the Korian, but is not one and the same. The Korian have been extinct for hundreds of years, and the Raag have inherited a […] Read more

Burning News! 2017 lineup announced.

Burning News! 2017 lineup announced.

2017 will be a very thrilling year for us at Burning Games. Here’s what we have in store:

Faith: Core Book (RPG)

Coming to Kickstarter this March, the new Core Book will a true revelation, pun intended, in the Faith RPG universe. It will greatly expand on the current lore of the game, delving deeper into the species of the game, their origin stories, economics, social groups etc.

It will come in the shape of a 300+ hardbound book, with tons of new illustrations, story hooks and new NPCs to create your own adventures.

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