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Type of game: RPG | Genre: Historical Fantasy | Kickstarter: March 2018

What is Dragons Conquer America?

The Lands of Earth are full of superstition and religious warfare; the conflict between the forces of humanity and evil creatures is seemingly unending. For millennia, civilizations have been vassals to monsters to whom they sacrificed their children and their livelihoods.

In Europe, it wasn’t until the Romans that the continent became a land of the living; even then, as soon as this mighty Empire fell creatures thought dead surfaced again. The Christian Faith prospered against all odds, and it was with Saint George that it managed to gain back the reigns of the continent: dragons, before the worst enemies of civilization, were now its mightiest weapon.

In America, the Mexica – one of the mightiest civilizations in the planet – have ruled over the land of the Fifth Sun unchallenged for nearly a hundred years, striking fear in the hearts of their enemies thanks to the divine power of their priests and the help of their Mixcoatl dragon allies, which terrorise and astonish the peoples under Mexica domain.

However, this is all about to change…


A World of magic.

Magic is real in this world, and the history we know, while mostly unchanged, has been subtly influenced or altered by sorcerous forces.

Ancestral air and thunder spirits accompanied the Aryan invasion of the Tamil at the dawn of history, giving rise to the Vedic legends. Bearded, human-faced dragons oversaw the building of the first pyramids at Sumer and Egypt. The Age of Philosophy of the post-Atlantean world gave rise to mighty priest-wizards, remembered as gods and demigods in the records of the Fall of Troy and the Rise of Rome. The descendants of these Roman wizards established the Catholic Council that still rules the world, inspired by the wisdom of the Prophets of the Middle East. Faerie kingdoms allied with the warlord Artus to expel the Romans from Brittany, giving him a magic sword and the title of Faerie King. Norse elves spurred and accompanied Leif Eriksson’s expedition to Vinland, while the Keltic elf rogue Robin of the Hood led a resistance that forced the British Kings to sign the Carta Magna that would eventually lead to the return of Democracy.

Thus today’s world is shaped by the historical presence of wizards and spirits, which have walked hand-in-hand with humanity, sometimes more noticeably and sometimes from the shadows – but always there.

Faith brings power.

Magic is inextricably linked to faith; what one believes in determines one’s access to the Spirit World. Thus worshippers of fire entities have access to fire magic, and war priests know prayers to inspire armies.

All religions agree that there is a single divine force above the world. The Catholic nations call this force ‘God’ and see Him as a person – an immortal, unconceivable person, but one they can name and beg to. The Mexica of the New World call it Teotl, which translates as magic itself. Even miscreants and heretics acknowledge this force exists, although they assume it’s just a combination of natural forces.

Those that worship, study or understand this all-powerful force are capable of superhuman feats, understood by others as magic spells or divine miracles. The greatest of these priests and wizards are so powerful in their worship that they become worshipped in turn, becoming the legendary heroes of myth and even the deities of polytheistic pantheons. Catholics, who deny any divinity other than God’s, worship these individuals as Saints.


The Core Rules

Dragons Conquer America is powered by the RPCEngine, a narrative-first, tactically engaging system. The gameplay is agile, organic and versatile, and rewards effort instead of luck.

With our latest update, RPCEngine allows for both dice-based and card-based gameplay, making it a comprehensive system for all tastes. Do dice hate you and you want even odds, hand control and beautiful cards? Or do you prefer to take your chances with the Goddess of Fortune and you wouldn’t change your amazing dice for anything? Each member of your group can choose what they prefer to use, so it’s entirely up to you!

Check out the gameplay video below with the folks at Encounter Roleplay to see how it works in action, using the card-based solution.

(Jump to 21m50s to cut straight to the chase.)


We want your characters to feel like they belong to this harsh era of conflict and conquest, so they’ll be flawed, prejudiced and superstitious. At times, your own shortcomings will be your toughest enemies. A Tolerance and Discipline mechanic will sometimes take your character into dangerous situations but other times it will empower you to be your best self and to control your situation.


Of course, in a world where Dragons and mythical beings are real, magic is a powerful – and dangerous – tool. The magic system is based in a Spirit vs Corruption mechanic in which your faith will allow you to tap into magic powers through divine intervention. But if you overreach – thinking yourself holier or more powerful than you truly are -, you might instead tap into forbidden and demonic power sources that will trick you down a spiral of evilness and corruption, until they take complete control over your darkened soul.


Once you select your preferred method and you get ready for adventuring, here are a few more things you should know:


Actions in DCA are resolved through confrontations between characters (or characters against terrible odds), in which counteractions can also be active attacks (the best defense is a good offense!) making the gameplay fluid, dangerous and always moving forwards!


A hidden check mechanic determines when to provide new information to players and when their senses will fail them. In a world full of magic, deceit, traps and hidden treasures many things are kept in the dark…

Make history!

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