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Type of game: RPG | Genre: Historical Fantasy | Kickstarter: 13th of March 2018

What is Dragons Conquer America?

Dragons Conquer America is a CLASSIC ROLE PLAYING GAME, with high adventure, monsters and the epic struggle between the mortal and supernatural world..

It will allow you to live stories about ADVENTURERS that explore the Mesoamerican lands, hunt devilish monsters and discover ancient ruins. You will be able to create your character from one of the 13 available orders, cast powerful faith based spells, safeguard yourself from corruption and curses, outgrow your prejudices and unravel long-forgotten secrets.

With gameplay inspired by video games such as Monster Hunter, and a setting that draws from realistic fantasy sagas as The Witcher and alternate reality novels like Temeraire, the game offers a honest depiction of the Mesoamerican world, its people and their lore.


A World of Myth

The Lands of Earth are full of superstition and religious warfare; the conflict between the forces of humanity and evil creatures is seemingly unending. For millennia, civilizations have been vassals to monsters to whom they sacrificed their children and their livelihoods.

In Europe, it wasn’t until the Romans that the continent became a land of the living; even then, as soon as this mighty Empire fell creatures thought dead surfaced again. The Christian Faith prospered against all odds, and it was with Saint George that it managed to gain back the reigns of the continent: dragons, before the worst enemies of civilization, were now its mightiest weapon.

In America, the Mexica – one of the mightiest civilizations in the planet – have ruled over the land of the Fifth Sun unchallenged for nearly a hundred years, striking fear in the hearts of their enemies thanks to the divine power of their priests and the help of their Mixcoatl dragon allies, which terrorise and astonish the peoples under Mexica domain.


It’s the year 1512

We place our looking glass firmly over the Mesoamerican region, and we take a look.

What do we see? We see a melting pot of cultures and identities, going about their lives unaware of the threats coming from within and without. At this point in time, European explorers are numbered in the dozens and they do not pose a threat – they are the leftovers of the first few expeditions led by people who thought were going somewhere else – but a few bloody skirmishes have already taken place. Locals, living a live full of hardships under the Mexica empire, try their best to survive in an evil world, a literally evil one: beasts, spirits, demons, giants, ghouls and other monstrosities infect the lands, hearts and minds of the people.

If you look beyond the awfulness, you’ll find plenty of reasons to discover this world: primordial jungles, left to be the nest of evil, are untouched, lush manifestations of Mother nature, warts and all; the long-lost temples, abandoned centuries ago, host forgotten knowledge and incommensurably valuable relics; the monsters, for all their prowess, offer the chance of glory to those who dare hunt them; the cities and villages, with Tenochtitlan crowning, are examples of advanced civic undertakings and offer ; and, of course, the dragons: seeing a single feathered serpent fly overhead, sparkling a million bright colors in the sun, is worth all the hardships in the world. Just don’t get near one without proper equipment.


The Core Rules

Dragons Conquer America is powered by the RPC Engine, a narrative-first, tactically engaging system that allows for agile, organic and versatile gameplay, and rewards effort instead of luck. A variety of subsystems add flavour to the game and merge it with the dark period it takes place in, full of prejudices, sickness, nimble weapons and an ever present demonic corruption lurking right around the corner. Everything contributes towards a gameplay experience that promotes combat, survival, exploration and investigation.

You will be able to create your character based on one of the 13 CLASSES available: sage, tomb raider, aristocrat, Mesoamerican priest, Pochteca merchant, courtesan, temple guard, eagle warrior, jaguar warrior, conquistador, hidalgo, dragon rider and Christian priest.


Actions are resolved through confrontations between characters (or characters against terrible odds), in which counteractions can also be active attacks (the best defense is a good offense!) making the gameplay fluid, dangerous and always moving forwards.

Hidden actions determine when to provide new information to players and when their senses will fail them. In a world full of magic, deceit, traps and hidden treasures many things are kept in the dark.

The cards (or dice) that each player holds in their hands represent the stamina of the character. During confrontations, a number of cards (up to the amount allowed by the skill at use) must be tactically played, taking their value and suit into account. The former will add points to the base Skill while the latter will allow you to draw extra cards. The GM will also play cards representing non player characters or hidden checks; her values will be pitted against yours in order to resolve the outcome of the confrontation, counteraction or check



We want your characters to feel like they belong to this harsh era of conflict and conquest, so they’ll be flawed, prejudiced and superstitious. At times, your own shortcomings will be your toughest enemies. A Tolerance and Discipline mechanic will sometimes take your character into dangerous situations but other times it will empower you to be your best self and to control your situation.


Of course, in a world where Dragons and mythical beings are real, magic is a powerful – and dangerous – tool. The magic system is based in a Spirit vs Corruption mechanic in which your faith will allow you to tap into magic powers through divine intervention. But if you overreach – thinking yourself holier or more powerful than you truly are -, you might instead tap into forbidden and demonic power sources that will trick you down a spiral of evilness and corruption, until they take complete control over your darkened soul.

Make history!

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