A custom made encumbrance system for FAITH by Ancient Man Beast (WIP)

The “Burning Prophet” known as Erik, AKA Ancient Man Beast, has shared his custom made “load limit” mechanic to regulate the number of pieces of equipment and gear that a player can carry at once. We print the full concept below, but feel free to go to the forum and offer feedback. He’s looking forward to it!

Here is my wip encumbrance system that I call Load Limit. Would appreciate any feedback or comments! I like simple encumbrance systems because it forces some strategic and meaningful inventory choices for players while not requiring too much accounting.
Load Limit– Load Limit is equal to a player’s CON + AGI + DEX + 1. Gear is broken into 5 categories; tiny, small, medium, large and huge. Worn gear [Suits, clothes, rigs and gloves] do not count toward the limit.

Tiny:0 Points- These are small miscellaneous items not found on cards that don’t take up any space.
Small:1 Point- Small gear like grenade, shots and rocket launcher ammunition.
Medium:2 Points- ‘Easy to hide’ or ‘very easy to hide’ weapons, mines and most items.
Large:4 Points- Most weapons and very large items.
Huge:6 Points- Large, bulky and heavy weapons fit here. Weapons like the Ivy, rocket launchers and miniguns.

-Encumbrance: For every point over a player’s load limit, he suffers a -2 to all physical skills and -1.25 meters of movement.

I toyed with attributes for a while. My thinking that the load limit shouldn’t just be about strength and stamina but also one’s ability to move and handle gear [agi and dex]. This gives a base of 4 and a max of 10. So a hacker/tech character could still have a small gun and something like a medstation as well as a suit and rig etc. To increase the LL i also was thinking of adding in special gear [ not sure of the name, just been calling it ‘Tactical Gear’] to add to a character’s LL.

Tactical Gear: There are 3 new pieces of gear one can buy to add too one’s load limit. They can be worn over clothes or attached to a suit with a technical action. They are are made with lightweight, advanced materials.

1. Tactical Sling- Cost: 2,000 cr. It provides 2 points of LL to be used with medium or small gear. Two can be worn or one can be mixed with a harness [or not].
2. Tactical Harness- Cost: 4,000 cr. It provides 2[ maybe 4] points of LL to be used for huge or large gear. Two can be worn[ maybe just one] or one can be mixed with a sling.
3. Tactical Backpack- Cost: 5,000 cr. It provides 5 [maybe 6] points of LL that can only be used with medium and small gear. It takes an action to stow or retrieve items. Cannot be mixed with other tactical gear.

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