FAITH: Tiantang Sourcebook


The Tiantang sourcebook is a 100 page long hardcover book. In it, you will meet notable people from Tiantang, the huge dyson ring where most of the corvo live; explore its different sectors the megacorp headquarters, mafia hideouts; and find many adventure seeds. It includes a foldout poster created by cross-section mastermind Hans Jenssen (Star Wars).

Tiantang is the buzzling megacapital of the corvo, a massive sprawl of millions of kilometers that orbits around the corvo sun as part of a massive dyson ring, where the richest and poorest coexist in incredible ways. The rules of Kaliva apply: every bug for itself is the norm. Megacorps tacitly rule over all living beings, mafias control every inch of the underworld, terrorists and freedom fighters lurk in the shadows, secret plots are hatched to use every conceivable and inconceivable mean to gain more money... but the shadow of a silent, digital menace is approaching... Icarus.