About us


Burning Games LTD was officially incorporated into the Companies House of Albion in early 2014, but the apes and the human that form Burning Games have been designing tabletop games for eons, and have long been toying with the idea of creating a company in the industry to bring such games to fruition.

Helio G.


This weird monkey is the director of small things at Burning Games. Sometimes he studies engineering, and most of the times he just freaks out with mistakes other people make, oblivious of his own faults. He tries to keep the other two monkeys at bay by keeping the rules consistent and as streamlined as possible.

Mauricio G.

Game Developer

Self-appointed ruler of the Universe, this particular ape will be the medical doctor of Burning Games if all goes to hell and it comes down to every man for himself. He is also a radiologic technologist and, as most monkeys, he likes to climb things. When he is not climbing he is writing rules, even for games that have not been created yet. Additionally, he shows an impressive skill to avoid any work he doesnt want to do.

Carlos G.Q.

Game Designer

Warmonger of the company, he is the monkey that started the fire of Burning Games a few years ago and has kept blowing and blowing until there is no going back. He claims to be a filmmaker, but what he actually is is a storyteller. Add some rule crafting to the storytelling and you have the right ape to create a tabletop RPG.