Scavengers of the Labyrinth – a FAITH adventure by Rui Ramalho

Welcome to this new section of the Burning Games universe, in which we´ll showcase the works created by fans of our games in all their shape and forms: new adventures, painted miniatures, maps… The seed of this idea came from Burning Prophet* Rui Ramalho, who has kindly shared the adventure he is living with his players.

Here’s the lowdown of his adventure, in his own words:

My adventure is simply called Scavengers of the Labyrinth. The crew is a ragtag group of misfits, just trying to make a living. I’m giving every character an arch, that I’ll tie up as we go.

We have a Raag biologist. He’s the first arch. We found an old Korian power cell. Simple device, but it might suggest the location of other Korian tech. I’m playing it as ‘The Raag consider Korian-tech to have almost religious importance’, so the character will soon have to choose between money, his loyalty to his clan or to his new crew.

Next is the Iz’kal engineer. She’s the less well defined at the moment. I feel her arch will have to do with the story of how she became a Voidwalker.

Finally (for now, there’s more people wanting to play!) there’s our captain. A middle aged human ex-merc. He’s the focus of this story. My player chose the Upgrade ‘Edited Memories’ as he had a low Profession Attribute, and it’s a zero cost.

So this is what’s going on, and they will be picking up the clues over the next couple of adventures:

Our captain was part of a special Coalition team, Codename Scimitar. They were an advanced scout team, send to track Ravager activity on the ground. On their last mission, they were betrayed, almost wiped out, and they find out about Skinchangers, Ravagers that were bred by the Queen to be indistinguishable from other sentients. To avoid panic, they’re keeping this information top secret, so they whipped his memory and discharged him.

Rui has also created a map of the known space. It shows the location of the Corvosphere, the State and the Raag territories, as well as other points of interest such as the locations of the most gruesome Ravager attacks.

And here’s a more in-depth explanation of the adventure:

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”EN_FAITH_Scavengers_of_the_Labyrinth_Rui_Ramalho.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

In coming days and weeks we will upload other works created by fans, many of which have been already shared in our forum. We want to thank all of whom have taken time to come up with great content with our games as background.