Audiobook Edition of the FAITH Lore book, produced by Symatt

One of our longest and most beloved collaborators, Symatt, has kindly created a audiobook version of the original lore of FAITH. Running for almost 3 hours, these files will allow you to immerse in the universe of our game wherever you are. He has also created the audio of the rulebook, and we will upload that shortly.

You can listen to them in the browser (just click play) or download them using the downwards-facing arrow in each file.

We hope you enjoy this and a million thanks to Symatt for his everlasting support.

Introduction to the Universe and the Species of FAITH

The known Universe consists of a few hundred habitable planets where six species intelligent enough to develop civilizations have met. There are thousands of other species with some level of self awareness  or even metacognition, and the total number of known species is innumerable, as species evolve and become extinct constantly.

The Corvo

The Corvo are an independent and capable people. They are smaller in size than humans, averaging 1.6 metres in height and 54 kilograms in weight, and they have adapted to life in space. Their capital Tiantang is a Dyson ring that circles a dwarf star.

The Iz’kal

The Iz’kal are a gregarious and proud people. Slightly smaller in stature and more slender than humans, they live in large cities on the surface of the planets they colonise.


Due to their exponential exploitation of Earth’s resources, humanity had driven itself to the point of near extinction. Mighty nations fell under the weight of their own pride and corruption. The only hope for humanity was to somehow develop their technology far further than it currently was. They could not.

The Raag

The Ravager

“We don’t know where the Ravager originated since, by the time we first encountered them, they had mutated to the point where it was impossible to tell what remained of the original creatures, if anything at all. Most of our current knowledge about them comes from the few specimens that have been recovered from the battle of Parsaius and from the clues that can be found on the ravaged worlds they leave in their wake.”

The Gods

While there is no reason for the existence of life, life itself does not care. The problem arose when it gained consciousness and came to realise that its own existence was an accident. In its realisation of itself, a voice spoke from within. It told a truth – the only truth: life ought to create its own reason to be, lest it be consumed.