Valentine’s Day in the Iz’kal State

Thanks to our “anonymous” friend for this.

No one really remembers how it began. Studies of old transcripts seem to indicate that the sacred day was a vestigial remnant of long lost human culture, forgotten through the ages, and slowly replaced by the now characteristic pragmatism and cynic attitude of battle hardened human nomads. Survival in a brutal universe has taken its toll, and mercenaries have little use for sweet words and lofty ideals.

Small groups of the original earthlings, however, have preserved some of their old traditions (though they do not remember their origins), taking them along to whichever harsh world […] Read more

Audiobook Edition of the FAITH Lore book, produced by Symatt

One of our longest and most beloved collaborators, Symatt, has kindly created a audiobook version of the original lore of FAITH. Running for almost 3 hours, these files will allow you to immerse in the universe of our game wherever you are. He has also created the audio of the rulebook, and we will upload that shortly.

You can listen to them in the browser (just click play) or download them using the downwards-facing arrow in each file.

We hope you enjoy this and a million thanks to Symatt for his everlasting support.

Introduction to the Universe and the Species of FAITH

The known […] Read more

Custom Weapons for FAITH by Ancient Man Beast

Forum regular (and long time Burning Prophet) Ancient Man Beast has created and shared two custom weapons for FAITH, called the Monofilament (a whip) and the Schredder (a shotgun). He has uploaded them to Google Drive for your comfort. Here’s the direct link:

He has also shared some tips to print out the weapons and use them in your adventures:

Make sure to download it and print it with a custom scale of 85% to get the right size.

-Print it out on cardstock, cut along the red lines.
-Glue front/backs together using paper tacky glue and put in a sleeve.

Thanks to Ancient Man Beast […] Read more

House rules for Robots and NPCs in FAITH

Once more, the Burning Prophets have heeden the call of their souls and they have offered us a tribute in the form of house rules to play FAITH. In this case, the muses have acted through Rui Ramalho and have conceived a set of rules to create and run robot characters and NPCs.

So due to the fact that every now and again, one or more of the members of my rag-tag crew of misfits can’t make it to the game, I thought about having a robotic NPC to fill in, someone that would be good at a couple of things, […] Read more

A New Fan-Made Species for FAITH: The Periak Ascendancy

Burning Prophet GhostKill221 has gone the extra mile and has created a brand new playable species for FAITH, including their history, reigning families, special abilities and more. This is an extremely accomplished work that we want you to check out and use in your adventures.

Here’s an excerpt from the lore he has created for the Periak:

“The Perian word for disgrace is Kir’matau, the Perian word for dishonorable death or suicide is Keer’matau, the homonyms aren’t a coincidence. A Perian won’t ask for clarification, to them the only difference is clerical” Xantsu, corvo language expert

“People are equivalent but a person is exceptional” […] Read more