> TIANTANG NEWSFEED // 02.27.1966 SA 

> NEWS ITEM IN CORVO LANGUAGE >< TERRANSPEAK TRANSLATION BEGINS <>>ght remember Professor Turner for such achievements as tracing a viable path across the Leviathan Pass or recording the entire ecosystem of the Argyrus Moon, which allowed the Megacorps to install the Argyro T’ian Multiprocessing Station, a beacon of progress and civilisation in the savage frontier. After the renowned xenoscientist’s sudden disappearance, his lab and personal records were turned over to the authorities of Feng Corp, a branch of The Union Megacorp, which subsidised most of his research. And of course, most of us wonder, what is contained in those records? What did the human xeno leave for posterity? Tune your cortex to our feed and you’ll know as soon as Corvonet™ knows!


REPORT 13400986007A1 --- MISSION XA11



(...) As reported during the verbal debriefing, Professor Turner had become absent-minded and brooding for the last couple of missions, ever since that trip to the asteroid ruins. Also as previously reported, he allowed none of my men to follow into said ruins, despite being fully aware of our duty to protect him. Of course we gave escort regardless, even against his wishes, but there were several times when he slipped our watch for two or three minutes. Since he finally returned unharmed, and the following expedition found nothing worth reporting in the ruins, the whole matter was forgotten after a few cycles.

However, during the following five missions he showed increasingly distant and erratic behaviour, the details of which are given in report 13400986007B13, as delivered to the Conduct Research Team. And yet, when we returned to Feng HQ for the last time, he showed no sign of planning a disappearance; I assume HQ security will have much better intelligence on whatever actually took place the night he went missing.


NOTE BY COLONEL YAO TSIN: Research Team Beta confirms Captain Tarma’s story about those asteroid ruins (cf. Report 969915AG-A98); we have to conclude the Human Professor Turner found something in there, something he kept from his armed escort and even his closest assistants. Do his personal notes have any clue?

NOTE BY PROFESSOR XIANG YUEI: Colonel, we have sent every last scrap of data to Feng Internal Research; I believe they’ll want to check those personal records first-hand.



This is a cortex-mail from Feng Corp, related to Internal Affairs of a Corvo Corporation. If you are not the intended recipient and have not paid for the right to access this communication, you are in flagrance of article 327-B of Corvo Communication Regulations. Please unjack, report to FengCo_CMTangC, and erase.



Attached are the personal records and notes by human xenoscientist Professor Thessaius Turner, ordered by subject -> relevance -> ascending date, and annotated by three members of the FengCo Office of internal Research, myself included. Given the human-corvo calendar discrepancy and the time variations across star systems, dates are necessarily uncertain in some parts, which may result in small timeline inconsistencies. 

As per the issues our team was asked to investigate re: Professor Turner’s disappearance and the xeno ruins in Asteroid B69911847000, the organised files offer no conclusive answer, although they do contain some relevant intelligence that I’m sure will help clarify the situation, as underscored in the complementary annotations and reports by our research team.

Until further instructions,

Dao Eng, C.Sc. 

Head of IR