Q&A 2: Fan Questions

Q&A 2: Fan Questions

Let’s answer some fan-questions. The topic is “what do you want to see in the new core book?

[QUESTIONS BY Rui Ramalho]

How advanced is Korian/Raag technology?

The Raag are in an almost constant state of civil war between factions, and obviously part of the weaponry and other technology used for military purposes breaks down and has to be substituted with Corvo or Iz’kal made technology, which is more advanced than the Korian.

As you know, Raag technology descends from the Korian, but is not one and the same. The Korian have been extinct for hundreds of years, and the Raag have inherited a part of their technology, but they treat it as if it were the stuff of magic, and they have not implemented any improvements over it.

The Iz’kal also inherited their conqueror’s tech, but they have been improving it since they broke the chains of slavery. The Corvo, on the other hand, have developed their own technology which is on par with the Iz’kal.

In the core book there will be a section devoted to the technology of each species.

Any indication of how N-Engines work to gain access to the Labyrinth?

N-Engine, per se, is not a concept found on Faith. Maybe you are referring to the concept of N-zones in which mass becomes negative. Such weird spots are found in space, and the Corvo used one to create an artificial wormhole that by happenstance (or not) brought them to the Labyrinth. The origin of the Labyrinth is unknown. Some people say that the Gods created it, others think it’s natural… We will explore this in future campaigns.

The Labyrinth

What about maps of Known Space?

We are strongly considering including a map. The thing is that the Labyrinth bypasses physical distances, so the map would have to reflect that. Only a fraction of the Labyrinth has been mapped, so there are tons of places to be discovered. We are trying to come up with a cool way to showcase all of this.


Will there be a list of planets and colonies?

The most important corvo and iz’kal colonies will be described, including their history and current status, and there will be adventure hooks in all of them. We also want to write additional setting books to have more room to thoroughly describe more planets and places.


[QUESTIONS BY Simon Bevis]

More about the Raag!

To begin with, Raag lore will be expanded from 6 pages to 30. Their habitats, history, notable figures and NPCs will be put in the spotlight.

Let’s talk about something that was never mentioned before: Raag reproduction. As you know, they live in a very cold biosphere, so their custom is to sleep in groups, piled up, within structures not dissimilar to igloos. When enough Raag join the group, if they’ve had enough food to rise their body temperature, females start ovulating. Reproduction happens through the ooze they exude. Really.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-05 22.58.56

First look at the Raag physiological diagram.

The interaction between the Cult of Eternia, the Clans, and the rest of the world is prime material for expansion on the Raag.

It is indeed. As we said in the previous question, we plan on expanding the lore of the Raag for the corebook. We will delve deeper into their culture, their social structure, the inner workings of the clans and the relationships between them. We will also explore how the Cult of Eternia has shaped the Raag society and has led to their technology becoming stagnant.

The long dead Korians, and where they came from, how they’ve influenced the current state of play, and if anything else has survived from their era is another curiosity for me!

We won’t go into much more detail about the Korian for now. They have had a deep impact in the current state of play as they provided the Iz’kal and raag with their current technology and reshaped their societies, but whether they went extinct or some of them managed to survive to this day, the truth is their role in the current events is non existant.

 [QUESTIONS BY Antonio Ignacio Gutiérrez Caride]

The Coalition, after so many years of rivalry between species, must have it’s inner struggles, different strategies within, espionage… right?

The Coalition is at a very interesting point in history, where, for the first time, the corvo and the iz’kal have joined forces to work towards a common cause.

On the one hand, it’s a system with a military leadership, and its only objective is the end of the Ravager. This allows for the Iz’kal and the Corvo to realize that they do have shared interests, much more than it’s apparent at first sight. After years of fighting and dying together, having to trust each other in order to survive, it seems inevitable that an atmosphere of comradeship will develop, a deep respect between members of the Coalition that would have been unthinkable under other circumstances.

But sadly the Coalition is not self-sufficient. It’s existence depends on the help and support it receives from both the State and the Corvoesphere. They provide the resources, technology and personnel to keep it running. These “benefactors”, many of whom minimize the true menace of the Ravager, have their own agendas and exert a powerful grip over the decissions of the Coalition.

And thus the Coalition has turned into a huge business for many an investor… and a perfect loophole to obtain classified information thanks to a vast network of spies and informants.


[QUESTIONS BY Ross Kingston]

How the Raag integrate to the Corvo / Iz’Kal dichotomy.

The raag are a lower civilization in almost every sense. Their technology has started lagging behind, they are few in number and they control little territory. While the Iz’kal keep mostly to themselves and as such have little contact with the Raag, the Corvo just see them as labor to hire and a new market full of customers ready to be engulfed by the ever growing corvosphere.

Outside their planet, the Raag have become mostly mercenaries, although they are also valued at any job that requires more strength than finesse.

Daily tech levels.

This is definitely something we need to explain further. Technology in Faith is quite advanced when compared to our daily technology. Faster transports, flying “cars”, nutritional tablets that contain all the daily necessary nutrients, medical advancements that have turned sickness and disease into a fairy tale (for those who can afford it)…

We will try to give a better idea on what daily tech levels are like for each species and we have included a more detailed description of what cortex connectors are and the impact they have had on the universe, as they are a key piece in this puzzle. We will also try to give you an idea of what state of the art technology looks like so that you know what is the most you can expect from technology in the game.

Spaceship. Spaceship. SPACESHIP.

They are finally coming. We will include space combat and travel rules as well as rules for spaceship customization. There will be several different spaceship templates with different base stats that can then be upgraded as the players see fit.

faith-sci-fi-rpg-promo-images-ravager-spaceshipsA (playable) Ravager spacehip!