March 21st: the Kickstarter for the Core Book of FAITH

March 21st: the Kickstarter for the Core Book of FAITH

The Kickstarter to fund a Core Book for our FAITH setting will launch this coming March 21st. It will be a Kickstarter full of new and exciting additions to this roleplaying Universe.

Core Book

The new Core Book will be a hardbound 300+ compendium of the lore of FAITH. It will dramatically expand over the original setting, entering the worlds and minds of the species that inhabit this universe in great depth. Additionally, the rules of the game will be updated to include new character customization options, rules for play with miniatures and vehicle mechanics.

The aim of the book is to give a solid backbone for your spacefaring adventures.

Here’s a rundown of the content of the book:


  • Updated 2.0 rules, with several important changes.
  • Vehicle mechanics for piloting and warfare. Blank, printable vehicle sheet.
  • Rules to play with miniatures. 
  • Character customization, including new Talent system with expanded versatility. Printable character sheet.


  • A brief history of the universe of FAITH.
  • The Labyrinth: navigation, beacons, colonization and communication.
  • The Gods: the Commandments, the Three Laws, possible origins, faith and belief in society, Soulbenders, Avatars, Godseek expeditions, cults, doubt, followers, powers, worship, sects and depictions.
  • The four species (Corvo, Iz’kal, Human and Raag): nature and behavior, anatomy and physiology, communication and language, society, education, economy, culture, spirituality, politics, law and crime, technology, weaponry, relation with other species and the universe as a whole, history and evolution.
  • Planets and outposts: political organization, important personalities, secrets and mysteries, other settlements, enemies and bosses.
  • The Ravager: the swarms, communication, hierarchy, technology and the waging war.
  • The Coalition: history, hierarchy and current state of affairs.
  • Short stories and adventure seeds.

New Player, NPC and Gear decks

We are committed to FAITH’s card based mechanics, and in order to keep them fresh we will release a brand new Player deck with new illustrations. If you already have enough of these, or you want to play with regular poker cards, you can instead focus on the all-new NPC and gear decks that come full of exciting and inventive non player characters and items.

Many surprises

As in every Kickstarter, there’s plenty of room for surprises in the form of stretch goals, social achievements etc. What about a full blown map of the Labyrinth wormhole? Or a standalone spaceship expansion? Watch this space to discover all the secrets the universe has to offer.

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