House rules for Robots and NPCs in FAITH

House rules for Robots and NPCs in FAITH

Once more, the Burning Prophets have heeden the call of their souls and they have offered us a tribute in the form of house rules to play FAITH. In this case, the muses have acted through Rui Ramalho and have conceived a set of rules to create and run robot characters and NPCs.

So due to the fact that every now and again, one or more of the members of my rag-tag crew of misfits can’t make it to the game, I thought about having a robotic NPC to fill in, someone that would be good at a couple of things, but bad at everything else (a robot designed to shoot would be bad at running was my idea). A twitter convo with the amazing people at Burning Games later, and here are my rules for robotic characters/NPC. Use them with caution, and let me know how it goes!


• Generalist robots have basic (ROOT) abilities. They are a little good at everything but excel at nothing. ATHLETICS, SURVIVAL, INITIATIVE are at 3, all others at 1.
• At level one, you take the ALPHA software package, giving you the ability to raise 3 Skills of your choice to 4. If you have another ALPHA package, and enough time to reprogram the core chip, you can choose to drop any of these three 4-level Skills down to their original level, and raise as many others up to 4 (Effectively changing the speciality of the robot). BETA packages (at higher levels) allow for higher upgrades (5,4,4), and GAMMA higher still (5,5,4).
• A regular robotic frame has the following ATTRIBUTES: AGI 2, CON 2, DEX 1, FAITH 1, LINK 2, MIND 1. (Faith is capped at 1) Frames (i.e. ATTR numbers) can be upgraded by buying a higher-grade one, and downloading the robots’ current core chip to the new one. This will take at least 24 standard hours and requires a skilled technician or engineer.
• Unless otherwise stated, all robots have ARMOUR 1
• They are intelligent, sentient beings, and able to believe in a higher power (Hence Faith)
• The cannot have Bio Upgrades
• They can have LINK + ½ (rounded up) TECH upgrades

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