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Type of game: RPG | Genre: Historical Fantasy | Launch: Legacy Campaigns coming to Kickstarter October 2017


Dragons Conquer America is a new fantasy roleplaying setting that will transport you back to the 16th Century, when European invaders reached American soil with a host of warriors… and Dragons.

We are launching a Kickstarter on October to gather funds to create a prologue boxset hosting two legacy campaigns that, together, will lay the foundations of this new world.

These legacy campaigns will affect each other and a future core book of the setting.

They are cinematic, all-in-one multi-part campaigns that will give players and the GM the opportunity to live the clash of civilizations from both the European and Native American sides of the story.

Starting this coming August you will be able to play an introductory adventure that will shape the Kickstarter itself. This one shot adventure will determine some of the stretch goals and the location (or very existence) of various NPCs and items of the legacy campaigns.

This new & uncharted setting is full of action, magic, mystique, mythological beasts and intrigue. It will give you the chance to live a HISTORIC EVENT from the protagonists’ perspective and SHAPE THE OUTCOME OF THE NEW WORLD.



Do you want to be the first to set foot on this New World? Do you want to affect the Kickstarter that we are planning for October?

Sign-up to our pre-Kickstarter initiative and during August you will receive the DIGITAL EXPLORER PACKAGE containing a one-shot introductory scenario that has the power to affect the Kickstarter, several NPC and Equipment cards, the beta version of the rules, and a GM’s guide to record your… adventure and make history!